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Be Humble Day

Being humble is something most spiritual teachers preach, indifferent to religion, or a spiritual belief. Humble means being more in tune with the heart than with the mind. Hence, listen more and talk less. Appreciate more and brag less.

In the times we live in, being humble is more likely to be considered a weakness, but this is further from the truth. Humbleness is a quality of the wise and enlightened. Showing off is not a quality of the successful, but of someone who’s unsure of their self-worth. This greedy need for attention and other people’s energy proves the point that the person is in lack.

In the eyes of the creation, we are all equal. You’re not more, nor less than anyone else. Our level of importance is absolutely and in all cases equal. This is probably the best way to understand humbleness.

Today is a great day to practice what we preach, and celebrate. So, here are a few things you can do today to celebrate “Be Humble Day”:

How to Practice Humility:

  1. Spend some time in quiet, by meditating or doing something that relaxes your mind.
  2. Don’t try to impress. Be minimalist in terms of appearance, and clothing, as well as in the things you use. Less is the new rich. Also, fast if you feel like it.
  3. Praise the success of others, by sending out positive thoughts into the universe for them or let them know personally thorough compliments.
  4. Embrace your personal limitations and admit when you’re wrong. This is your work to better yourself and make the world a better place for everyone.
  5. Say thank you.

Be Humble Day is not a day to boost the ego, but a day to put love above all. Love is humble by definition, it doesn’t judge, but accept all that is. Today, just be love!

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