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How To Be Vulnerable



How To Be Vulnerable

What does it feel to you being exposed to the possibility of being vulnerable? Are you open to risk any susceptibility of being hurt, ridiculed, manipulated, or appear weak, even open to assault? Who is this ‘one’ inside that needs to create an image to be successful, dominant, to control, or just feel self-important? Or a masquerade in denial of aging? Do you expect more than what you receive? Is there a fear of stepping into the unknown?

This mystery requires vulnerability to accept to just LOVE through our hearts. Find the strength beyond being wounded and unloved. Master your true self beyond the fears that keep you in separation. Listen to the inner voice. 

To be vulnerable is to let go of the shields that we've placed around ourselves. To allow ourselves to be vulnerable is a big ask. Because of being vulnerable, we then feel we have lost control. We are allowing something or someone to be able to dictate a part of our lives.

Vulnerability is a feeling of ease within oneself and sometimes to feel vulnerable is to feel lost. Not knowing the way forward no matter what the outcome may be. And again, it can be a serviceable emotion because out of the vulnerability sometimes can come strength by allowing whatever will be to be.

Merely by interacting with your senses with this emotional code to support you for the purpose of self-healing and as nourishment to restore harmony within. Set the intent that each emotional experience of when you have either denied or suppressed feeling vulnerable, that this may be received and understood.

There is tremendous power in being vulnerable.

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