Higgledy-Piggledy, Life in a Muddle! – Juliana Frances

Higgledy-Piggledy, Life in a Muddle!

Living Threads

The pathway of the Living Threads is through the color sense. Human humanity is coming to a time where they will feel more.

Because the energy of color, and its configuration in the spiral formations in the woven cotton threads, are implanted and seated portals of consciousness. They are divinely interwoven, multi-dimensional sacred light healing technology, translated into a palette of color and thread, able to be received.

Its purpose is to allow and facilitate people to self- heal and to go within to find the intricate web of life that causes emotional wounds. These may manifest as pain, dis-ease, or suffering.

From the stillness of each waking day, you experience emotional crossroads. Develop self-awareness of your feelings. Welcome those feelings and accept them for what they are. Spend a few moments each day using these emotional codes. They are a transformational experience as a tool to probe you to bring harmony and peace to the body/mind.

This work is unique, comes from the heart, and is an amazing compendium of knowledge.  Enjoy this experience.

Look…Feel…Listen! Your body is talking to you.

How to Use

Before you start, please take a few deep breaths to relax.

Simply gaze at the screen and focus on these Living Threads. Play with the focus of your eyes, breathe it into your 3rd eye, anchoring the vibration into your pineal gland as you may feel its energy engulfing and surrounding you. The image is translated into Living Light.   

Engage yourself with the willingness in your thoughts to set an intention to release old memories that may have either been denied or suppressed. Put your issue in the center/vortex of the living color. Be receptive to let yourself reach full intensity, turning attention to the center of intention itself to begin to understand the cross weave, waft, and webb of the Living Threads.

This work is unique, comes from the heart, and is an amazing compendium of knowledge.  Enjoy this experience.

Look…Feel…Listen! Your body is talking to you.



Higgledy-Piggledy: Jumbled, topsy turvy, all in a muddle, thoughts, feelings, emotions, spilling over one another, where to start, is there a beginning and an end? Is this your life, is this how you have chosen to be, or just the state in which you find yourself? 

To be involved in this emotion Higgledy-Piggledy is not to know what is happening, what is up or what is down, even which way to turn or which way to go. 

It is a mixture of emotions. There's not one single emotion. It screws the mind. It screws the heart. It is not a sense of well-being nor even a sense of peace. Therefore, it is not an emotion as such that is really necessary for one's life to experience. It confuses, it turns one around upon one's self. It does not see a way forward. There is no clarity of vision, no clarity of mind, and no clarity of heart. 

Stop, take a moment, regroup, you have a choice, breathe and allow it all to unwind.

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