Romancing the Rose...Petals of Playfulness – Juliana Frances
Romancing the Rose Petals of Playfulness Book for the Child within

Romancing the Rose...Petals of Playfulness

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 Petals Of Playfulness Childrens Poetry And Stories For Children

 Be as the child - carefree, innocent, and happy. Take your inner child out to play through these stories for kids.

Find the beautiful pleasures of the joy, praise, fun, and laughter to make the toenails twinkle. Reflect on these endearing qualities as you delve into the remembrance of yesteryear.

This exciting stories for kids edition "Playfulness" strike a special chord that will remain the children’s special book.

This is an eclectic mix of everything from enduring traditional classics to just fun greats. Combined with the beautiful colourful images will develop a love of nature.

Grandparents will love to reminiscence, sharing time together and build a bond relationship.

Stories for Kids Inspired By The Romance Of The Rose

"A true visual delight. Such a wondrous, enchanting and joyful journey through the sweet classics of childhood stories, prose, and poetry. It is a magical opportunity being able to reactivate the child within whilst also sharing with my children and grandchildren."

Tania Summerell, Murwillumbah Australia


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