Romancing the Rose... Petals of Peace Book – Juliana Frances
Romancing The Rose Petals of Peace Book

Romancing the Rose... Petals of Peace Book

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Truth, trust, and unity are the essence that lies in our inner hearts – unconditional love. We feel the rose opening to the morning sun to share its splendor. It is unconsciousness of its spontaneous love in action.

The threads of peace connect us to universal light, and love is always a part of everything that lives. Quietness allows peace to expand. Consciousness is our power with the practice of mindfulness awareness.

Religions come from the One source. Both Hinduism and Buddhism convey inner peace and understanding of a way of life. Each individual image in this book conveys different aspects of our spiritual journey in the importance of human values. This could be seen as music, sound, vibration, or living light as a connection from Source; total unconditional love.     

Mindfulness Awareness Inspired By The Romance Of The Rose



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