Romancing the Rose... Petals of Love Book – Juliana Frances
Romancing The Rose Petals Of Love Book

Romancing the Rose... Petals of Love Book

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Smell the roses through the pages on a deep and emotional level. Listen and feel their soul speak their message of love, unconditionally and with joy.

Roses are held in esteem as a beautiful dignified flower, yet need to be handled with care. As an expression of love and friendship, the outstanding and diverse Charity roses have been specially named and chosen to help raise awareness, raising funds to support and foster worth causes. 

They speak to us when we are open on how to listen to the message of love. But more so to honor the legacy or contribution as a symbol of thanks and gratitude to whom these roses are named after. 

Roses bring beauty, splendor and are expressions of human love. Nourish yourself of the refined qualities each magical rose whispers within these pages. Love in the touch of a hand.


Message Of Love Inspired By The Romance Of The Rose



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