Romancing the Rose... Petals of Celebration Book – Juliana Frances
Every day is a special day!  Celebrate the beauty of the rose within the pages of this book for whatever event or occasion arises. Hold the rose always in your heart, just because.

Romancing the Rose... Petals of Celebration Book

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Petals Of Celebration Special Days Happy Valentine And Secular Celebration Days 

Marvel on the mystery and magic of special days. Capture the wonderment nature provides to vitalize our system with joy, merriment, and simplicity of soulful love; the celebration of life itself. Each magical rose whispers unconditional love.

Commemorative days include Mother’s Day, Dad’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or a country to celebrate its nationhood. Plus Anniversaries, Celebration, Secular days or just a special moment to celebrate life itself are the roses selected for “Celebration”.

Make every day a special day.


A Book Of Special Days Inspired By The Romance Of The Rose



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