Living Threads DNA Course – Juliana Frances
Evolve the DNA into a higher body of Light using the language of colour for inheritance functioning into the higher worlds of biological embodiment.
Various radiations of light used for expanding the genetic embodiments and higher evolutionary thought-forms.
A colour grid to crystallise within the DNA to attract rays of light beams to evolve in a higher wavelength of light.

Living Threads DNA Course

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Topics for the Living Threads DNA Course are: 

  • Addictions
  • Bacteria
  • DNA
  • Emotions
  • Vaccinations

We have inherited our genetic body from our ancestors. These ancestral memories are held within our DNA and held within each cell of our body.

We identify our thoughts and feelings about what we believe to be the truth. Defuse the memory of any accumulated addictions in whatever form, matter, or experience that may deny your divinity.

Honor any emotions and imbalances held within your blood chemistry and DNA with total acceptance. Bacteria and vaccinations change the blood chemistry and cellular health into toxicity.

Find the source that triggered these challenges of living. The pressure that has been bottled up can be released as simple as turning a tap working with these Heart Codes.


Details of this course are available as an instant download upon purchase. This PDF document will contain links and instructions for your online course.