Living Threads Detoxification Course – Juliana Frances
Repair the chemistry of disease, stress and disorders with these colour frequencies. A cleanse and detoxification of the body, mind and Spirit achieves full health and radiance
Be the creator and preserver of perfect health to achieve a clean spirit. Embrace the body's intelligence with a spiritual  detoxification to release trapped emotions
Incorporate a holistic approach in eliminating the body of parasites and candida. The Living Threads Detoxification Course also aids the immune system support.

Living Threads Detoxification Course

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Topics for the Living Threads Detoxification Course are:

  • Disease - Stress - Disorders
  • Food Additives
  • Pain - Injuries
  • Parasites
  • Toxin’s - Solvents - Poisons

Detoxification is about elimination and to maximize your body’s natural ability of a full body cleanse. Begin to recognize what is offered in this Living Threads Detoxification Course bringing consciousness to bodily life.

If you want health and freedom from hidden pain, these Heart Codes enhance the ability of the body to heal itself naturally.

All injury, whether physical or psychological leaves an imprint or memory in the body, and every cell records this imprint. It is naturally internalized and some may be consciously recognized, whilst others remain buried. The body remembers.

Over time trapped wounds, whether it is emotional, physical, or spiritual will resurface in the form of stress or disease at the structural and biochemical levels. In the face of serious health problems, there is always room for healing, even acceptance, and finding peace within. Acknowledge with grace what these healing frequencies bring.