Living Threads Celestial Course – Juliana Frances
Receive the garment of sacred colour Light rays endlessly into the myriads of universes within the ever unfolding heavens of creation.
“Eli,Eli” as a living word of colour to transform our body into a purer form of superluminal Light through the living word of God.
Watch, listen, feel. You may find yourself wrapped in the arms of an Angel.

Living Threads Celestial Course

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Topics for the Living Threads Celestial Course are:

  • Angels
  • Divine Mother
  • God

The Living Threads is the truth for receiving, informing, purifying, enlightening, and perfecting your life to make complete sense. Conscious participation in cooperation with Divine Grace.

What is the common denominator with God, the Divine Mother, and the Angels? GRACE. Living in an absolute state of fluidic grace is through a connection to the Truth.

The subconscious programs will show themselves and be transformed into total calmness. The living form or reality is the relationship to God. Learn to live with the true knowledge of who you truly are with love and service to all beings. Thus you become free, beyond all fear to surrender.

To be touched by all that arises creates a greater flow of grace through your reality. Ask and it is given.

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