Living Threads Body Systems Course – Juliana Frances
Immense blessings of light and colour frequencies are offered to generate a beautiful heart expansion for restoration and spiritual healing.
Receive a new spiritual healing alignment that engages the intelligence of the heart with your true heart essence.
Create coherence within the body systems to be aligned towards wholeness, integration and equilibrium.

Living Threads Body Systems Course

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Topics for the Living Threads Body Systems Course are:

  • Brain-Nervous System

  • Endocrine System

  • Cardio Vascular System

  • Lymphatic System

  • Reproductive System

Each Heart Code within this series is a torch, a guiding light within our human anatomical body systems.

Featured are the body systems that have a connecting link with the heart. Each of these systems is a collective functional unit that works in conjunction and coordinates with each other.

These Heart Codes offer rejuvenation and regeneration for body healing of these systems especially for the improvement of our health and relationships to take place. The role of these amazing systems is to diligently work every second of the day.

I invite you to take a moment with these Heart Codes to honor and thank each system presented and ensure that we can live our lives in harmony. The body will thank you for this.