Romancing the Rose... Petals of Dreams Book – Juliana Frances
Romancing The Rose Petals Of Dreams Book

Romancing the Rose... Petals of Dreams Book

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Petals Of Dreams Uplifting Songs With Chorus Lyrics To Open The Heart

Songlines reflect our dreams; abstract, fleeting, repeating. Just like the rose in its simplicity, and honesty.  May our hearts be touched beyond all sadness and worries; just perfect and pure.

Listen to the silence within its splendor.

This songbook with uplifting songs will appeal to a broad range of people. Roses united with ‘chorus’ lyrics of the tunes. Music has a profound way of speaking to the heart. Open a page to express how you feel: ‘feeling blue’, ‘I love you’, ‘feel good’, or just reliving memories.


A Songbook Inspired By The Romance Of The Rose



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