Colour Cotton Therapy Book – Juliana Frances
Colour Cotton Therapy Book Uses Colour Frequencies For Well-Being And Transformation
Colour Cotton Therapy For Balancing, Cleansing And Healing Chakras, Meridians, Glands, And Auric Field

Colour Cotton Therapy Book

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Colour Codes of Cosmic Light For Colour Healing

Colored cotton threads are the technique used within this Colour Cotton Therapy book to unlock the heart. Restores harmony and facilitates profound changes to the body, acknowledging the body to be a body of Light.

By touching the color threads in this book you experience how to "feel" energy. and how to use the energy of color frequencies to rejuvenate the well-being of your body by listening and feeling.

This book is a valuable non-invasive tool to effectively empower yourself, family, friends, or clients, to experience joy, peace, and wisdom.

"That which is a mystery shall no longer be so and that which has been veiled will now be revealed. That which has been withdrawn will emerge into the light and all men shall see and together they shall rejoice." ~ Chloé Dauphin


Guidelines For Using Colour Cotton Therapy 

By the use of the breath, allow these energies to vibrate to every atom, molecule, cell, nucleus, fiber, muscle, tissue, bone, and organ. To imbibe these energies is an invitation to maintain the life and well-being of organisms to work in harmony together.

Chakra Balance

Starting with the base chakra, touch this energy vibration for as long as required.

You can close your eyes, or you can look at the cloud picture opposite to the color vibration. Then turn over to the following page, being the sacral chakra using the same process as previous. Continue till you complete all chakras.

Breathe in these colors and focus your entire thought to allow all your chakras to spin and glow. As each appropriate color radiates may you enjoy the possibility of greater conductivity of the lifeforce.

Meridian Balance

Do the same process starting with the Central meridian and continue with all the following meridians for balancing.

Guidance and Protection

Set intention for what you require. Using the chakra balance, by setting all your centers aglow simultaneously, a protective field is created surrounding your body. By taking simple measures to defend yourself from negative energies and dark entities so that nothing negative can penetrate. Be conscious. Reduce your well-being from the point of harm. Apply the discipline of attention by surrounding and expanding your auric energy with Light and love. As you embrace yourself with this Light flowing through you, expand it to the people in your vicinity. Include them in your aura so that they may also feel the love from your heart.

Releasing Old Patterns

By setting your intention, whether written or in thought-form, ask to release all old karmic patterns, negative beliefs, sabotages, structures, and tendencies that limit your full potential.


To achieve a higher sense of inner and outer well-being, follow similar directions as above.  Also in your intentions, ask specifically to strengthen the body, clear toxins on all levels of your physical, mental, or emotional bodies.

Stress Release

Release stress, imbalances, or dysfunctional blocks held within the body, mind, and spirit.

Feng Shui

Choose where you would like your living environment to be cleared.  Touch the color vibration then breathe this energy through your entire body. Then with the out-breath, expel it out to fill all the space you have chosen to be cleared.


Dimension: 15.5cm x 15.5cm x 1.6cm ( 6.1 inches x 6.1 inches x .63 inches) 

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