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Living Threads Metaphysical Energy Healing

Reinvent Your Life

Living Threads weave the threads of the endless dance of life...

The Living Threads courses are a powerful invitation to awaken into the Heart of Truth. With understanding, interpreting and taking responsibility, surrender into transcendence of self. In finding the intuitive information held within these Heart Codes enables us to heal ourselves, each other and the planet.

Fantastic possibilities await you to unravel your full potential with the Living Threads courses. Working from a place of non-judgment the Living Threads courses use Heart Codes videos as the healing tool to serve in Sacred Space for the purpose of self-healing and nurturing of the Spiritual Wholeness.

The greatest gift of life is to experience all that is. Be it of breathing, resting, playing or loving.To convey whatever is hidden deeper than the condition, the more need is to go outside yourself, and be inconvenienced to experience growth. These Living Threads courses create a potency of condensed Divine message.

Truth behind every personal choice is ones intent and purity of heart. True essence of intent lies within the heart but forms in our conscious mind. Motivation behind any action and its outcome will be measured by intent to achieve the outcomes desired. Gain insight into the mysteries and wonders of the Divine within.

Each person’s journey is unique. In these differences we intentionally create common experiences, specific events and times on our spiritual path that have a profound effect on us to embody the divinity of the human soul.

Participate from either the comfort of your own home where you can engage anytime or an interactive class. All Living Threads courses are designed for integration of mind, body and spirit philosophy.

Living Threads Course Description

The future of medicine is to promote a more healthy and productive milieu through self-care. The energy work of the Heart Codes videos is to nurture ones health, restoring equilibrium. The balancing techniques and concepts are directed for personal use, to familiarize and understand their use.  The uniqueness and simplicity of their application is magnetic.

Course Objectives: How does the course help you to learn about spiritual transformation?

Living in balance. The goal is to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone to make a significant impact; to take responsibility for your own growth. Using the Living Threads book and with combining it with the Heart Codes creative frequency videos in the stimulating Living Threads Workshops environment, to help unravel your full potential for spiritual transformation.

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Course Content

Each life experience, whether it be negative or positive impacts our over-all health and functionality. The most profound topics are birth/death, love, abundance and health. Take an inventory of yourself and examine the beauty within.

With the assistance of kinesiology, access the choice of the Living Thread’s frequencies to release the deep cellular memory and suppressed emotions to break habits, face fears, overcome challenges and self-created limitations. 


The future of medicine is to promote a more healthy and productive milieu through self-care. The energy work of the Living Threads courses is to bring about change within yourself; restoring equilibrium and to be used as a support for spiritual practice. It is an 'esoteric' matter complimenting Conventional science and its understanding of healing.

Any given experience with the use of the Living Threads Workshops is going to be unique and any outcomes may be integrated with or without any observable receptiveness.

The Living Threads courses are not engaged in rendering medical advice, legal advice or professional services. If you feel that you have a medical problem, you should seek the advice of your physician or health care practitioner.