Random Acts of Kindness Day - February 17th – Juliana Frances

Random Acts of Kindness Day

The common thread of kindness is the act of showing concern for others, loved ones, and strangers, without any expectations of any consideration in return.

It is a characteristic feature of being generous, helpful, and compassionate. Kindness also expresses love, warmth, concern, care, decency, grace, hospitality, and goodwill.

We need to live in a peaceful co-existence. Look beyond the bounds of nations, past your way of life, your race, and your religion to release any bitterness, anger, and hatred held towards their fellow man; to all work together in harmony. The strength of many people sharing random acts of kindness generates an opportunity to diffuse any racial tensions, hostility, bias or discrimination to create a kinder, more amiable world. Let us unite to break down the barriers that create separation.

The fundamental guideline of kindness is that in recognizing that we have an association with each living person, animal or plant on this great planet. As our caring expressions, and deeds of kindness carry more noteworthy generosity to the world, the boundaries of detachment will start to disintegrate, bringing a rainbow of comprehension, satisfaction, and love to the individuals of the world, our earthly home.

When you carry out random acts of kindness you then create peace in your own life. Rather than living in a world whose main focus is on negativity, bring attention to the positive things about your life, and have gratitude.

Just a kind word done from your heart can turn somebody’s day around. It very well may be unconstrained are arranged. A smile never goes astray.

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