Plant a Flower Day - Find Thrill and Joy of Nature. – Juliana Frances

Plant a Flower Day

Flowers are like children, they need to be loved and recognized. When you plant a flower, you will be glad to find at each moment the unforeseen thrill and joy of nature.

There are more than 400,000 flower plant species on the planet, each featuring different shapes and color combinations and each with a botanical name and classification.

Growing beautiful flowers depend on good soil, good judgment, and an intuitive understanding to focus on parenting a successful flower garden.

The beauty of a garden is not just its visual appeal, but the aromatic fragrance of flowers that fill the air. Try to plant them where they can be most enjoyed – a verandah, pergola or window that can be left open to allow the fragrance to waft inside. Every garden needs at least one rose.

Hardly anything on the planet is more wonderful or interesting than flowers, and there is unquestionably something all of us would become hopelessly in love with. Flowers have filled our various needs throughout the centuries, from landscape décor and security to medicinal, as an effective cure for loneliness, making essential oils, as entertainment for children plus many, many more.

Make time in each day to gently unwind by touching base with nature. There is a therapeutic side by rolling up your sleeves to attack the weeds, watering, mulching, dead-heading, pruning, fertilizing, or just to smell the fragrance of flowers.

Learn and decide what flowers to plant are best suited, be it the size of your garden, their requirements or how flowers grow: –

* Shade-loving or exposed to sunlight direct

*Will they be bee, butterfly, bird attracting or animal-friendly

*Drought tolerant or those needing regular watering

*Needing protection from insects and diseases

*Learn how to stagger your plants to provide year-round pleasure

*Will you purchase flowers from seedlings, cuttings, or as established plants

*Know the types of flowers: Annuals, biennials, perennials or shrubs

*Where to plant: Indoors or outside, flower beds or hanging baskets

*Know which flowers are edible or poisonous

*Know what flowers preserve, freeze or press the best

 Plant what you like for the sheer joy of growing it! Remember to photograph your blooms, even to put them on your FB page! Gather a bouquet to share with friends and family. It just takes a little imagination, and dedication to watch your garden grow. Watch you don’t get bitten by the gardening bug!


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