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National Tooth Fairy Day

Did you know that tooth fairies had a day in the calendar? That day actually is today. The tooth fairy in her/his many guises throughout the world still is one of the kids’ favorite legends, and of course their parents’.

The tooth fairy legend is perhaps the best fairy tale ever invented to help children overcome the painful loss of teeth. Adults have come up with a brilliant story to turn a bad situation into a good one.

For every tooth loss, children receive money and other gifts from a mythical fairy.

The Beginnings of the Tooth Fairy Legend

While the tradition started in the US, most probably the tooth fairy myth is deeply rooted in European folklore. The first-ever mention of the tooth fairy was in the Chicago Daily Tribune in 1908. Twenty years later, author Esther Watkins Arnold published a playlet entitled The Tooth Fairy and the tooth fairy became popular ever since.

Today we have American researchers specialized in the Tooth Fairy myth and a lot of data from surveys that say that 97% of American parents have a positive feeling towards this mythical creature.

The numbers also show an increase in money per tooth over the years, which makes kids love the tooth fairy even more.

How to Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day?

Storytelling to your kids about this benevolent fairy is a great way to celebrate the day. You could perhaps tell them how the tooth fairy was when you were a child. And most importantly, you can remind them of the importance of brushing their teeth and keeping them clean and healthy.

Linking oral health to a fairy every kid loves, it’s but another way to encourage your child to be proud of healthy teeth and to take better care. This being said, happy Tooth Fairy Day, everyone!

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