National Opposite Day - Man lives with and thrives on the power of opposites. – Juliana Frances

National Opposite Day

There is always an equal and opposite word that is synonymous.  Or is there? The two opposites are called oxymoron, ironically derived from a Greek word whose literal translation means ‘pointedly foolish’.

Opposites: awake/asleep, day/night, sun/moon, all/none, admit/deny, bad/good, build/destroy, come/go, dangerous/safe,yes/no.…I could be here till the cows come home!!

Why not make today the perfect reason to break free from the daily routine to embark on silly conservation and spread some silliness! Let your kids dress silly for the day, asking each other silly and often nonsensical questions and for them to read the bedtime stories!  And laugh, laugh, and more laughs, and…don't forget to have fun, fun and more fun!

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