National Innovation Day - February 16 – Juliana Frances

National Innovation Day

Innovations are the soul to which ingenuity and creativity flow. Innovations give planners the inspiration, thoughts, and inventiveness to take something that was once in their creative mind and develop that idea into the formula for success.

Technology and science are exciting and essential.  Many remarkable innovations have been developed that turn a simple concept into success. As an innovative thinker, you need to encapsulate your idea, product or service, and brainstorm an action plan as to how to develop, and implement your idea with the aim of its effectiveness to change the future.

To put your great concepts into play your innovations need to:

  • Satisfy a specific need
  • It must be relevant to you
  • Something you personally want to change
  • Improve efficiency
  • Provide a service to change the future
  • Advance modern technology
  • Utilizing better ways of doing things
  • Economic potential
  • Reproduce at an economical cost
  • Address existing market demands
  • Be productive
  • Have a competitive edge
  • A solution to a problem
  • Implicate new forms of technology
  • Create economic growth, job creation, and sustainability

Do your research. Have a feasibility plan. Do you need to collaborate and/or work with another company or business that will help push your innovation idea forward?  Research the market. A patent will provide you with legal ownership of your innovation to deter others from using or copying your product or invention.

There are also important steps in filing a patent.  Keep and record every step of your innovation in a notebook.

Know that your innovation must be different from all previously lodged patents in that field and that your innovation qualifies for a patent. You will need to make a decision as to whether it is viable to outlay funds to file and obtain a patent. Read publications and technical journals. Conduct a thorough patent search of your country, plus foreign countries for filed patents. Examine as to what category will apply with patents in your field. Note: not all innovations need to have patents.

As National Innovation Day, opportunities are for everyone. To achieve a sustainable future we need to aim attention on the ingenuity and innovative creativity as seen through the lens of innovative young minds and women with different backgrounds to follow their dreams.

Be motivated. Channel your innovations into something unmistakable – into a piece of reality.

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