National Hippo Day - February 15th – Juliana Frances

National Hippo Day

The hippopotamus is a symbol of force and power that shows courage and calmness in the midst of adversity.

Hippo is an abbreviation of hippopotamus, an ancient Greek name meaning “water horse” or “river horse”. They are the second-largest mostly herbivorous, semi-aquatic mammal on Earth originating throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Being herbivores a hippo can gorge around 35kg of grass as their staple food and are most active from dusk.

As one of the most powerful animals, a hippo can spend around sixteen hours of their day in the water, and can even hold their breath for up to five minutes underwater. Hippos wallow in rivers, lakes and mangrove swamps to stay cool, and secrete an oily red extract that acts as a skin moisturizer protecting their skin from the intense African heat.

Hippos are under threat from poachers for their meat and ivory teeth, although their numbers are sustained with around 125,000 and 148,000 hippos confined to protected areas mainly in East Africa.

Like the hippo, let them teach us how to play and to keep still — are you ready to soar or wallow in the mud?

Do you constantly hide your feelings? When you allow the floodgates to open, your strength will be through maneuvering beyond the watery realms of your emotions. The hippo’s strength is through challenging you to communicate, by expressing your goals, and ideas, to understand and knowing how to control your aggressive behaviors. Trust your maternal instincts, to uphold your groundedness, and practical lifestyle as you have the courage and potential to become whoever you want to be.   

 Your weakest moments could be your greatest moments of hope and strength. Stop being over-sensitive, complacent or daunted. You are strong-willed and a pacifist at heart. Today is hippo day to speak your mind and to get things out in the open with your feet firmly touching the ground.

Remember to take a time-out to relax, dream your dreams, give focus on the execution of the success of your projects, and importantly find real peace in the vastness of a pond, river or ocean. There you will feel safe, rejuvenate, and recharge your battery.

Embrace your power for you were born to be great. Speak your truth, and demand that others also respect and speak the truth. May your heart feel your strength. Shout your joys and success to the rooftops.

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