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National Dolphin Day


On National Dolphin Day we’re celebrating some of the loveliest water creatures on Earth. You guessed it correctly, I’m talking about dolphins. National Dolphin Day is one of AVMA’s Pet Health Awareness Events celebrated every year on April 14. This day is especially dedicated to observing and appreciating the beauty, majesty, and intelligence of 40+ dolphin species that we know of, some of the smartest mammals that live underwater.

Dolphins are perhaps the smartest mammals, according to some studies. This is why they are so easy to train. Jolly, sociable and extremely happy all the time, it’s safe to say that everybody loves dolphins. Still, there are many things we still don’t know about them, and given it’s National Dolphin Day, it’s about time we find out.

5 Fun Facts about Dolphins

  1. If we were to compare dolphins with a nationality, that would be Italian. Why? Dolphins stay with their mothers for up to 8 years of life, which is a lot for any mammal.
  2. They have two stomachs, one for digestion and one for food storage.
  3. Dolphins are highly empathic animals, they nurture the injured or ill members of their pod.
  4. Although they have 100 teeth, they don’t chew food, but actually use them to “fish” their meals.
  5. There are over 40 different dolphin species, some of which live in freshwater, such as the Amazon river.

What Does The Dolphin Symbolize?

Maybe you have a dolphin pendant but don’t know what it symbolizes? Dolphins carry a lot of symbolism and represent peace and harmony, playfulness and inner strength. Dolphins have a close connection to all animals and humans and find it easy to come around swimmers and boats. They love to socialize and bring about joy and happiness through their play.

Spend National Dolphin Day learning more about different dolphin species, especially if you feel attracted to them. It is no coincidence. There is still a lot we don’t know about these beautiful creatures.

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