Middle Name Pride Day - March 10th. – Juliana Frances

Middle Name Pride Day

This world is so big and surprising! Who would have known there is such a holiday as the “Middle Name Pride Day”? Well, there actually is and we celebrate it on March 10th. While most people are quite ashamed of their middle names, today is the day to boast about it and wear it loud and proud.

You see, the thing is many of us have middle names. The middle name can signify an important part of our family’s heritage or our own identity. So why should it ever be a reason to feel embarrassed? However, we often don’t share or use our middle names.

History of Middle Names

Middle names actually have a long history. In England, it all begun with royal families of the 17th Century, the Stuarts. The son of King James II known as the old pretender was actually named James Francis Edward Stuart. So it was very common for nobility to wear one middle name at least.

But middle names are different depending on the different cultures. In some countries, a middle name has the mother’s maiden name, in other cultures; it shows the names of father, grandfather, and so on. It is a family heritage, in the end.

How to Celebrate Middle Name Pride Day

Sometimes, we are embarrassed by our middle names and that’s why we don’t use it.  I say the heck with that! Our parents thought that it was a good fit and thus, a good choice. They had a lot of thought and loving feelings when picking up a middle name. They wanted us to be and feel special, as we were for them.

Today is the day to embrace your uniqueness and share it with someone. If you prefer being louder, blast it from the social media platforms and prepare a “middle name coming out party” to remember. If anyone feels ashamed, we are all coming out throwing our middle name in the air, and turn this into a fun party.

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