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May Ray Day

May Ray Day

19th May is the May Ray Day that lets you enjoy the change of seasons. It is the day when you go outside and embrace the sunshine, the light that fills your soul. It shows the arrival of summers, and now you can have the fun of outdoor activities. This beautiful weather is perfect for enjoying your backyard swimming pool. May Ray Day allows you to feel the freshness of spring rain and feel close to nature. A lot of summer and spring clothes are already available for you in the market. So, what could be the most fun way to celebrate this day other than shopping on a sunny day.

What is the history of May Ray Day?

The celebration of this day starts in the past 1977 by St. Joseph. Another creator of the day is Richard Ankli, who started to celebrate this day in honor of his brother’s birthdate. In the past, it was a great deal to the people by which they know that what kind of planting to start and the cold is about to end. It is how they find out about the rise of a beautiful summer.

Celebrating May Ray Day:

You will be experiencing the most beautiful time of spring on this day. The burgeoning summer is here with a lot of refreshing spring flowers. It is time to cherish the warm sky. Even your body craves for the sun, and you should stay for a little while in the sunlight trying to get maximum of Vitamin D. 

You can also go out for a picnic or plan a beautiful outdoor trip and enjoy the new life with the burgeoning weather. The sunshine will relax your mind and soul, making you feel alive again. Say everyone "Happy May Ray Day" and make the best out of this fantastic day.

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