Love Your Pet Day - February 20 – Juliana Frances

Love Your Pet Day


Set aside ample time to play with your cat, give kisses to your dog or cuddle your bunny. Be flexible in the way your pet wants to play and keep your pet safe.

There are some vital steps to keep your pet safe and to reduce the likelihood of them becoming lost or stolen.

  • Custom-make the boundaries to keep your pet safe in the garden with containment fence systems.
  • Pets need to have an ID tag or collar with up-dated information.
  • Have your pet microchipped (an implanted form of identification placed under the skin) at a veterinary clinic or shelter that they can be returned if your pet gets lost.
  • Spaying is a surgical procedure to remove the ovaries and uterus of a female pet that offers lifelong health benefits.
  • Neutering is a surgical procedure to remove the testicles of your male dog or cat to improve their behavior, especially yowling, and frequent urination, to help fight over-population, help prevent testicular cancer, to keep them close to home, without trying to escape as this lessens the risk from injury in traffic, including fights with other males in the neighborhood.
  • Maintain providing daily exercise, and to monitor the food intake for your pets to remain fit and trim.
  • Keep your pet safe, especially night-time. Your so-called pet can also become a wild dog gang member posing a real threat with preying on wildlife, livestock and threatened species, or causing road accidents. A roaming dog can bite or frighten children.
  • Never leave your pet unattended in a car, especially during hot weather, even with the windows rolled down, or outside a store.
  • Dogs need to be on a leash when walking.
  • Dogs needs to be socialized under supervision
  • When left home alone, freshwater, dried food, the flow of air, even soft background music so they do not feel alone.
  • Keep your pet safe during fireworks celebrations. Consider sedating your pet if there is a history of anxiety.
  • Keep an eye on your dog’s behavior as they can sense storms accompanied by thunder, lightning, wind, barometric pressure changes, or static electricity and can suffer from distress, anxiety or extreme panic attacks. Keep them confined in a safe place as they are likely to run away in their escalating panic.
  • Some pets do not like to be left alone as they may take revenge out with the tissue box or the toilet roll or other destructive behavior.
  • Pets love to play because it is a comfort, fostering a healthy, fun relationship as it also helps to relieve anxiety, stress, and boredom. Toys, balls, threads, feathers, etc. are a supplement for their natural hunting instincts.
  • Keep showing your pet you love them to enable them to understand there will be no rivalry for their owner’s affection. Also, introduce any newborn to your pet in question.
  • Some pets need companionship. The magic solution is to get another pet, as long as they both get on well together.
  • Feeding, caring and loving a pet teaches responsibilities, especially with children.
  • Take any means possible to prevent tapeworm, hookworm, roundworm, and fleas to keep humans and your pet safe.
  • If you love your pet it is far more beneficial to stop them from destroying furniture, curtains, etc. because ultimately you will feel resentful towards your pet for the damage they have caused. This could result in them being taken to a refuge center.

Pets offer comfort, show you how to relax, and to be calm and to play. Every day is a new day for your pet, even if you tread on their tail, they offer unconditional love. They are our teachers as they live in the moment.

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