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Learn about Butterflies Day

What a wonderful day to be alive! Today is the Learn About Butterflies Day, an event celebrated all over the world. This day is a great time to actually do what this holiday sais and start learning something new about butterflies and why not, start your own butterfly garden.

March is the highest-vibrational month of the year, and the reason is that it marks the coming into spring, a moment of rebirth, renewal and new beginnings. Planting seeds or bulb flowers, preparing the garden and learning about nature is a great time to celebrate this annual moment. However, today especially is the perfect day to learn about butterflies.

Things You May Not Know About Butterflies

  • A butterfly’s life consists of 4 cycles: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Which means, they spend only ¼ of their lives being the magical winged insects that we know as a butterfly.
  • Butterflies feed primarily on nectar from flowers.
  • A butterfly can’t fly if its body temperature falls below 86°F (30°C).
  • Butterflies also drink turtle tears.
  • They use their feet to taste the flower nectar.
  • The butterfly is a powerful totem animal, symbolizing personal transformation.

How to Start a Butterfly Garden

A butterfly garden is a delight for the eyes, but also for all the flowers and plants that the butterflies actually help pollinate. Here is what you can do to start your own butterfly garden:

  • A butterfly garden should include the following flowers: common dandelion, thistle, pink Jupiter’s beard, and lantanas. The more colorful, the better.
  • Butterflies love sweet fresh fruits too. Make a small platter with bits of juicy and sweet fruits and put it somewhere in your garden. Then lay back and enjoy the view.

Now lay back and enjoy the beautiful butterfly garden view.

What Butterflies Teach Us

Beyond beauty and gentleness, a butterfly can teach us to embrace the changes in your life and go through them with the utmost grace, lightness, and playfulness. Life is like a piece of clay that we need to stretch and bend, it doesn’t happen to us, but for us. When we see it as such, we become lighter, happier and gentler towards ourselves and the others, just as the butterfly is to a flower.


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