International Day of Women and Girls in Science - – Juliana Frances

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

It is important to support, recognize and increase the visibility of young women’s contributions to science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

Business communities, science, and research institutions all have a shared interest to support new ideas and advance science to promote gender equality. Despite many years of endeavors to advance gender equality, most scientific positions in business, administration, training, and occupations are involved by the vast majority of men.

The consequences of women being viewed as both morally and intellectually inferior are the result of common misconceptions and assumptions, and women and girls need to assert their authority towards non-stereo typical behavior.

Women are as ambitious as men and need to appreciate their own qualifications and abilities. They need to feel welcome in workplaces and balance the status quo towards accomplishing gender balance conduct.

Science is essential and the world needs women and girls in science to be our inspiring role models for our future generations. They have the potential to facilitate the world’s most pressing challenges towards clean water, renewable energy, health, and a sustainable environment with innovative ideas, products, and technology.

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