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International Day of the African Child

Understand the plights of the children of Africa

International Day of the African Child is for the children of Africa who faced inequality and injustice at the time of the apartheid regime. African Union celebrates this day yearly to raise awareness about the educational and social needs of African children. This day is not only for the children living in South Africa, but it is for the plight of all those children who are living across the world. On this day, the primary focus is on that if all the children of Africa are getting their fundamental rights or not, and to work for the welfare of these children. So many of the African children are still facing many of the issues like poverty, discrimination, social rejection, and violence. Therefore, this day helps the children of Africa to enjoy all their basic social, financial, and legal rights.

Celebrating International Day of the African Child:

45% of these children cannot live until their fifth birthday because of health issues, and the mortality rate reached to this percentage between the time 1990 and 2012. So, it is the duty of ours to give these children their fundamental health rights, as this is the only way we can prestige them. Over 40 countries celebrate this day by the arrangement of almost 100 events, as this is a way to make these children feel special. They go through many tough times, so they must have the freedom of speech and the right to take part in every matter.

Donate online for a better cause and be a part of this amazing day. Even your smallest contribution will prove fruitful for these children. Spend time with your African friends on this day, and do something special for them.

Wish them Happy International Day of the African Child, and spend as much time as you can!

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