Girl Scouts Day - 12th March – Juliana Frances

Girl Scouts Day

National Girl Scouts Day is celebrated every year on March 12th all across America, marking the first-ever Girl Scouting, on March 12th, 1912. At the beginning of the last century, scouting was at its early stages. The founder of the Girl Scouts, was an upper-class America, Juliette Gordon Low, who was inspired by the movement initiated by Lord Baden-Powell, who founded Boy Scouts a few years prior.

She organized the first Girl Scouts in England, actually, but a year later, she continued the movement in Savannah, Georgia USA. She thought young girl scouts how to be more self-sufficient, in a way paving the way for the modern women. While she only had a group of 18 girls at the first gathering, today there are over 3.7 million active girl scouts in the world.

Besides the many crafts, she thought young girls scouts, such as knitting, wool-spinning and caring for livestock, most importantly, she has empowered them, by teaching them what boys could do. The movement had great momentum since most of the world was at war and the youth needed to be prepared in case of imminent dangers. The first girl scouts were also thought many survival things. Cooking, offering first aid, tying a knot or reading a map, as well as drilling, signaling, and camping was on Juliette Gordon Low’s activities.

Yes, there is a rich history behind girl scouts, which was a movement that changed how girls would see themselves and the world. Today, we can send our thanks to Juliette Gordon Low for dedicating her entire life to teach young women how to be self-sufficient, but also, how to have courage, confidence, and character, to serve the community and eventually, make the world a better place.

In honor of all this, we can take a minute today to send out thanks to the creator of this movement and to all the girl scouts that have ever served their communities.

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