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Find a Rainbow Day


What a fine day to find a rainbow! Even more so today, on Find a Rainbow Day. So why not, take your kids outside and enjoy a good day in nature, who knows, you may get lucky enough to spot a beautiful rainbow. Yes, rainbows are a sign of luck and hope, and no matter how we look at it, it is always a sign of something good about to happen.

Actually, the rainbow is a very ancient symbol observed by peoples from very old times. This is why we find it in most mythologies of the world as a sign of good fortune, thus we’re still mesmerized about it.

Rainbow also symbolizes a bridge, a crossing between two worlds, the Earth and the heavens. A magical connection of the physical and spiritual realms, of the mind and the soul. Today we have the term rainbow bridge, the place where our pets that moved on, wait to reunite with their owners.

Although is a perfectly explained natural phenomenon, we are still fascinated by its beauty and mystical appearance. Did you ever find yourself sad when looking at the rainbow you’ve just spotted? Well, I guess we all know the answer.

There is a deeper meaning, that’s why when we find a rainbow we’re always happy. The rainbow usually comes after a stormy rain, as a symbol of having faith and not losing hope. It’s like a divine message that all is well and all is perfect, just keep going. Just like repeating numbers, finding coins or feathers, when we find a rainbow we re-member what our true essence is and that we’re made of the divine particle.

Even more mesmerizing is the fact that we do not actually know who invented the Find a Rainbow Day and when it was first celebrated. Let’s say it’s all enveloped in glitter, color, and magic. Let’s celebrated this magical day with an open heart and positive vibes! I hope you’ll find a rainbow today!

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