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Being Challenged


Being challenged maybe physical, emotional, mental or spiritual that can create reactions.

Many hundreds of years ago a man could be challenged with a duel for many different reasons, feeling he had been maligned, feeling he was a threat. Today, challenges come in many different forms.

Being challenged maybe:-

Physical - disabilities, obstacles, barriers, hardship, monetary, immaturity, appearance, strength, weakness, illness, sickness, injury, beauty, ugliness, insurmountable.  

Emotional - impairment, inability to express or deal with, lack of maturity, lack of understanding of the emotions of others or self.

Mental -  anxiety with stress overload, impairment, conditioning, immaturity, developmental issues, depression, phobias, anxiety, dis-orders, illness.

Spiritual -  expectations, responsibilities, purpose, attitude, attentive, and forgiving.

Challenges can even occur on the football field or even on the race-track, with one rider challenging the other to win the race.

At the moment, in the world upon which we live, many countries are challenging each other. In actual fact, we have not come terribly far as challenges can still be present in the world of man. This may include the challenge of whether to vaccinate or not, or to personally mass protest with your beliefs or convictions on social injustice or corruption. Our challenges can create reactions.  They are significant pieces of life that give you encounters for you to learn and assist you with becoming more astute and more grounded. Challenges cause us to develop and shape us. We will all have challenges – little or huge – the thing that matters is the means by which we manage the issues or difficulties that happen.

So don't flee from the issues or difficulties you are looking throughout everyday life. Try not to disregard them or attempt to avoid them. Face your challenges head-on.

This mean we have to make a choice, whether to accept being challenged or walk away to retain our own inner-self of peace.

What are your challenges?

Who challenges you?

Are you open to change?

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