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At Ease With Coping Skills

Methods to put in place to be At Ease with Coping Skills


At Ease

We can feel at ease in another person’s company because we can feel who we really are. We do not have to put on a front, we do not have to act, we can just be at ease. Many people have the ability to put another person at-ease by not acquiring too much, but just allowing is what creates an inner peace within ourselves. For to be at-ease is a feeling of relaxation of being who we really are, no front, nothing false, just being who we really are.

Ask yourself if you are at-ease with coping skills?

What method do you put in place to calm your anxiety, deal with your stress or just being in charge of your anger?

What is your response to venting and processing your challenging emotions? Do you yell, scream, seethe, blow a gasket, or suppress and numb the situation at hand?

How to be At Ease with coping skills:

  • Face your fears
  • Choose your reaction.
  • Change any negative thoughts
  • Learn to be adaptable
  • Overcome any self-doubt with positive thoughts.
  • Push through self-restricting convictions.
  • Discover your cutoff points by presenting yourself to various circumstances
  • Push through any awkward situations  
  • Determine the best outcome
  • Keep a sense of humor
  • Feel your body relax
  • Be gentle with yourself
  • Most importantly practice breathing exercises

On a regular basis, look at these threads and go inwards. Work out what is your trigger. Take responsibility and believe in yourself, you will be flabbergasted what you can achieve.



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